Monday, August 26, 2013

Better Burger Food Truck: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Have you tried the Better Burger food truck that's making its way around Salt Lake City? We've been there twice in the last few weeks, and it's incredible to have a filling gluten free option from a food truck!

These guys know their stuff! Their gluten free burgers can be served on delicious and tender grilled buns from Love Muffins Bakery, a local company that I love, and essentially the rest of the menu is gluten free. They have several options for burgers with different toppings, and use grass fed beef from Moab that tastes delicious. They are committed to local products, which I like to support with my mouth and my dollars. Local gluten free buns, local beef, local fruit in their milkshakes, and tender sweet potato fries!

The sweet potato fries are both naturally gluten free and are the only thing they fry in their fryer (making them gluten free). You can see here that we both need our own to make sure everyone gets enough beta carotene.

The beef burgers are tender and delicious. My favorite is the bacon burger with bacon chunks. Lots of bits of crispy bacon on top. Can you see the fabulous bun that's even toasted on the edges? Big fans of that.

I'm grateful for a local food truck preparing and serving gluten free foods around our town. You can never have enough options, and Better Burger is tasty, fresh, local, delicious, and filling. We really enjoyed it!

Better Burger Food Truck
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