Monday, May 6, 2013

Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Johnny Rocket's at City Creek

There's a new place at the City Creek mall, recently voted the best mall in America. (I also didn't realize it was possible to be voted the best mall after 1992, but I stand corrected).

My coworker really wanted to go to Johnny Rockets, mostly because I think she wanted an Oreo shake (yeah, not gluten free). I decided to join her. The Johnny Rockets website gives allergen information, and there are reviews online that you can order a bunless hamburger that will be safely prepared. Johnny Rockets restaurants fry other things beside fries in their fryers, which doesn't meet my gluten free standards, so I didn't order any of those. I did order a salad instead, which was essentially the hamburger toppings of lettuce and tomato, and some cheese I needed to pick off.

You can see that the cheese came in handy.

The meal was successfully gluten free, and our server was knowledgeable enough to help out. I definitely appreciated that.  From a more practical view, the food was more expensive for a meal that included extra hamburger toppings as a salad. Still, it's a family friendly option at City Creek where you are likely to get a safely prepared gluten free hamburger that doesn't seem to have cross contamination issues.

Johnny Rockets
City Creek Center, downtown Salt Lake City
Food Court, 2nd floor (northeast corner)


  1. Thanks for the review. I am coming to SLC and staying nearby the City Creek Mall. Nice to know of another eating option. I'm packing Udi's GF buns in my suitcase for a full burger experience.

  2. Sheri,

    Wonderful. You can also try the Chick-fil-a and Great Steak (without a bun) in the Food Court of City Creek. Hope you enjoy your visit!


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