Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wallaby's Smokehouse: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

If you've lived in Utah County for a length of time and have a friend, grandpa or neighbor who is gluten free, you've probably heard mention of the Australian-themed Wallaby's Smokehouse. Southern, slow-smoked BBQ restaurants can be a good bet for those needing to eat gluten free. We've eaten at several BBQ places either here in the Salt Lake Valley, or while traveling (including Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse and a long-ago trip to Troy's BBQ in St. George).

I was at a team meeting with my work team, and we have quite a group. A vegan, a pregnant woman (not me!), the Celiac (me!), and a few who don't like to eat anything but chocolate and "American" food. Despite our differences, we settled on going to Wallaby's (which still wasn't a great fit for the vegan.)

Everything on the menu is gluten free except the rolls and the croutons, and they are very aware of serving gluten free customers. I simply told them as I was ordering, and she explained that. That even includes the unique barbecue sauces you could choose from the on each table.

Overall, I was grateful for some delicious options with my beef brisket, my smashers (which did contain an unfortunate amount of dairy), and my baked beans. It was delicious, and an ideal gluten free experience.

Wallaby's Smokehouse
131 S State St, Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 785-4447

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